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History of Baseball - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 1972 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/02 Category Sports Essay Level High school Topics: Baseball Essay Did you like this example? Being a game brought to the North Americans by immigrants, it was more than a bat and ball game. To the parents of that era, the term ballplayer was not a career that a kid would have pursued and a parent contends with such an idea. This is because baseball did not entirely have a broad cultural impact as it has had in the recent few years starting from the amount of money the players used to be awarded. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "History of Baseball" essay for you Create order Life as a typical ballplayer of the 20th century, however, was not as smooth and this was contributed to by the hardships that the players were going through right from the cheap contracts that were being passed along from team to team in exchange of vital players (Lawrence 51). The life of the players did not have much to do with social purposes as more of what they were seeking for was personal nature. In pursuit of personal nature, many would think that players as young as twenty years old had their minds tormented when deciding to move from a highly prestigious club to play with the boys. To them, it was more of the passion and the purpose they had for the success in their career. They were crazy about baseball (Lawrence 54). Their life was basically revolving around making undecided moves and shutting prestigious doors to seek for passion. Moreover, the life of a ballplayer at that as described in the book the glory of their times was way different than it later came to be. The players did not have a bunch of coaches each with a specialized lie of perfection in baseball but rather it was an old timer professional who had the overall knowledge about the game. It was up to the individuals will to get himself into condition. For Heinie Groh, while he was eighteen years old back in 1908 he almost joined University of Rochester if it was not for the fellow from Oshkosh (Lawrence S. R itter). To him, baseball was an extra option he could have pursued other than education. His scenario, on the other hand, is practically different as a typical baseball player for unlike other players who had the driving force and the platform to practice baseball as a career, he could have chosen to pursue it or pursue education. His parents, on the other hand, had no idea about the sport but later on contributed in to support him. Hank Greenberg, on the other hand, did not have a perfect start in life as a baseball player for the society had him view himself as a gawky kid who was not well coordinated (Lawrence 35). Typically, a ballplayer in the turn of the twentieth century had to work his way through many decisions already set by their parents including having a decent income source that would have rather been some official work but not a career in baseball (Lawrence 14). To rise in baseball meant that the individual had to pursue an uphill task of approaching baseball clubs of the higher league only to be disappointed. Rube Marquard, for instance, had to join the Indianapolis club against the will of his father which seemed to be a rough start for the renowned star who won 23 games with them among other games in the Canton club. Different from Rube Marquard, another ballplayer was Rube Bressler who practically had a significantly different start as other players did. being a seventeen-year-old kid at a railroad shop he had never pitched for any team in his life but later on became the starting pitcher at Connie Macks World Champion Philadelphia Athletics. His start, unlike Marquard, revolved around many pitchers. He entered the professional ranks through a pretty wise mechanism which started by connecting with people he already knew were players in the local teams. Though by the time he talked to Howard Wakefield he was yet to be eighteen, he had his hopes high that he would one day become a big leaguer himself. Having made his way from Cleveland to Waterloo, Marquard was highly determined for the chance which he later did not secure as he had to stay for the weekend for the manager to fully vet his capabilities and award him the contract. Going back home he worked as a casual worker at the ice cream company which he later quit joining the Indianapolis of the American Association. At the Indianapolis, he was optioned for Canton in the central league, won twenty-three games and the next year faced Cleveland team to only win 2-0 and wasnt killed either. The Cleveland team made efforts of signing in Marquard but he declined, a clear indication of how the eighteen-year-old had made progress in th e team. During the American National Leagues off-day, Marquard had the chance of a lifetime having impressed with no hits, no runs, and no errors. The Cleveland club went as high as $10,500 but the Giants went to $11,000 to whom he was sold to. Having reported to the New York Giants the eighteen-year-old had made it to professional ranks. Specs Toporcer, a New York baseball player on the other end had a humble start in life as a ballplayer and this was right from the time he was six years old. Surprisingly enough he started visiting the polo grounds to see the Giants play while he was ten years. This was quite a privilege considering the fact that he was born during the time McGraw was the manager of the team. With his resilience and determination, he did not give up his passion even after his attempt to be included in the school baseball team failed. Putting up with the environment in the training campus required some level of understanding the other persons boundaries. Old timers were rough on rookies (Lawrence 55), the players would get into a hassle with one another in situations that would only yield suspensions and overrated grudges. The kid got in a hassle with Tim which got him suspended for five days with 50 bucks fine. The treatment from the veterans did not only involve physical bullying and manipulation but also involved a lot of cussing. With reference to what happened to George, he was cleared out of the league just because he had an argument with an umpire called Ferguson who threw him out of the game. The ego or superiority in the veterans compromised the success of the rookies and their performance as it would practically be reflected out in the overall performance in the field. On the contrary, attributes displayed by Jimmy Austin (Lawrence 57) while connecting with Branch Rickey tremendously depicts the perfect image of the veteran-rookie relationship defined with common ground rules that promote and maintain respect within the club. Apparently, rookies owed the veterans a great deal despite the fact that they would not in any way make the life of a rookie be to get up to the plate in a batting practice. Among them, McGraw insisted that youngster rookies be subjected to running around the park as many times as possible. Before it would turn out be one big family the veterans didnt openly receive the newbies into the field but they would rather try to keep the plate away until the rookies would personally express their guts and to some extent drive them away instead (Lawrence 77). On the other hand, it was still the role of the same veterans to instill the skills and perfect the capabilities of the fresh minds at the pitch. Rube Bressler having played alongside Eddie Roush had the privilege to be taught the art of perfection in hitters, line drives, yelling for the ball, shifting on different hitters and to also running after a fly. Rube Bressler was mentored by Eddie as improvements right from the first ball he caught as an outfielder are evident from the achievements he made years later. Bob OFarrell was mentored by Mr.Bresnahan who was the very first person to wear shin guards. He taught him how to make a good catch despite the fact that other guys didnt want a rookie to tag himself along and replace one of their buddies. Life off the field for many of the players revolved around family and friends but to much deeper extents the players would link up with their seniors and talk about the good old times. Uncle Robbie, for instance, being a baseball sound minded person and an approachable manager would go for hunting and fishing. At the Dover Hall fishing and hunting place was a place he could talk about Baltimore Orioles and forget about ball game. Lefty ODoul points out that ballplayers dont entirely talk about baseball but would rather be involved in talks about stocks, commercials, bonds, real estate and personal projects that reflect further from the field of baseball. They would also meet at the drugstore and talk about the matches that had the record-breaking pitches and the players who had performed tremendously. This was a culture that was passed on to the generations that were forthcoming and they would be the basis of efficient baseball techniques applicable in the turn of the 20th century and the forthcoming centuries. Among other off-pitch activities were vacations. To Sam Crawford, baseball was a field he viewed full of real individualists whom unlike the sportsmen of the current era they can never be forgotten. He on the other hand preferred reading during the times he was off the pitch. This case was however not the normal routine after years of study due to the moral erosion experienced in the world of bombings and killings that not only compromise the living standards but also baseball has suffered negligence from the society. The sport that once ruled the human operations is played by young children. Life after the filed seemed somehow doomed to those who did not have their career ruined by unwise decisions of club business owners. Harry Hooper later found himself in the club that was owned by a person known as Harry Frazee. His career went south after the owner sold off all of the best men and ended up destroying the entire team. Having been peddled to Chicago for a three-year contract, he did not stay for long but got his contract revoked. He went into the real estate business, coached baseball at Princeton for years but later worked temporarily as a postmaster for 25 years. In 1923 individuals like Joe Wood on the other hand after being a ballplayer for quite some time was offered a job as a coach at Yale for 20 years. The life of ballplayers after the success of their career narrowed down them becoming coaches in schools. Many opted to pursue the fields they would have at first pursued if it was not for the success of their skills in baseball. Though some retired as baseball coaches, many of this veteran chose to remain as family guys in that upon retirement all that they could later do was wake up in the morning and read the papers after which the normal schedule out of the pitch would follow. Davy Jones, for instance, went ahead and started a drug store right before he was done with baseball. In 1915 when he finally decided to end his baseball career he decided to follow the path of pharmacy which he pursued during his free time but later decided to do it as a course that later granted him the chance to pursue drugs as a career until he retired thirty-five years later. For Hunk Greenberg, World War 2 came was the end of his baseball career that he had practiced for close to four years and a half. Hugh Mulcahy was the first baseball player to have joined the armed forces in 1941and did not get back to baseball until 1945 at the prisons annual game.

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The Failure Of Heart Failure - 999 Words

The human body requires a supply and demand process within itself to enable nutrients and oxygen to provide homeostasis and metabolic demands throughout each organ system. The most prominent organ effecting this process is the heart, which by using the cardiovascular system supplies every other system throughout the body with the oxygen and nutrients by pumping them throughout the blood. When the demand is not met or the supply is too great it can be considered heart failure. Understandably heart failure is a worrisome term. To think one of your most vital organs is failing and unable to provide what is needed for basic survival is terrifying. However; there are many stages of heart failure that can range from mild to severe. Therefore,†¦show more content†¦Class 2 is classified when a patient has only slight limitations of physical activity but they are comfortable at rest. Class 3 is considered when a patient has marked limitations of physical activity and is broken down into 3A which is when a patient is comfortable at rest or 3B when they have dyspnea at rest. Class 4 is when the patient has symptoms at rest, the patient is unable to perform any physical activity without having discomfort. Stage D is considered Class 4 and is end stage heart disease that requires treatment. Information obtained from Jaski, Brian E. 2015. The 4 Stages of Heart Failure Left-Sided Versus Right-Sided Heart Failure There are two main types of heart failure. Left sided heart failure and right sided heart failure. The left ventricle is the largest chamber of the heart, and is also the most common site that fails in heart failure. When the left ventricle starts to fail it allows the blood that is normally pumped out into the circulatory system to back up into the left atrium due to the weekend left ventricle not pushing all the blood out. This leads to a cascade of events that lead to a backup in the pulmonary system allowing fluid to accumulate in the lungs which in turn causes shortness of breath. Right sided heart failure is less common than left sided heart failure and is usually caused by the problems associated with left sided heart failure over time. When the rightShow MoreRelatedThe Failure Of Heart Failure1517 Words   |  7 PagesABSTRACT Heart failure is one of the leading causes of mortality, both globally and in New Zealand. It is defined as the inability of the heart to meet the bodies metabolic need for oxygen and is characterised by a decrease in cardiac output. The body has many intrinsic mechanisms to attempt to maintain cardiac output, including activating the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS). The RAAS cascade acts to restore cardiac output by increasing fluid retention, thus increasing blood volume andRead MoreHeart Failures Of Heart Failure782 Words   |  4 Pages Heart failure describes a medical condition when the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to the body [85]. While heart failure does not mean the immediate stopping of the heart, it is a serious and fatal condition. A study has found that the 4-year mortality rate for chronic heart failure was 43% for patients with preserved systolic function, and 54% for patients with reduced systolic function [86]. Heart failure is prevalent, wi th about 2-3% of adults worldwide showing signs of heart failureRead MoreThe Failure Of Heart Failure2760 Words   |  12 PagesCongestive heart failure, also called heart failure or CHF, is one of the fastest-growing syndromes in the United States and worldwide. It is a condition with high hospitalization and high mortality rates as well as a compound medical regimen that significantly affects the patient’s lifestyle and that of their family. The term alone, â€Å"heart failure†, is enough to scare the bravest client and cause the rise of numberless concerns and questions. Patients may worry and exclaim, â€Å"Did my heart stop workingRead MoreFailure Of Congestive Heart Failure1262 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Almost every one in the United States knows a person suffering from congestive heart failure. This disease has manifested its way into the lives of so many—the statistics are astounding. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, nearly 5 million people are affected and it is the main reason for hospital admission in older adults over the age of 65. This is a great cause for concern. In order to reduce the morbidity and control this epidemic, we must first understandRead MoreFailure Of Congestive Heart Failure1149 Words   |  5 Pages Introduction Congestive Heart Failure is the Inability of the heart to maintain the demands of pumping blood with normal efficiency to other organs, such as the brain, liver, and kidneys (Congestive heart failure, 2008). Without the heart carrying out its functions, all the organs in the body would be deprived of sufficient blood to do its work, the kidney will no longer filter its blood leading to fluid accumulation in areas such as the lungs, liver, legs, and surrounding eye, when thisRead MoreThe Heart Of Heart Failure1167 Words   |  5 PagesAmericans have been diagnosed with heart failure† (Mancini Colombo, 2015, p. 2542). Heart failure is a condition where the heart does not pump as efficiently; therefore, it does not meet the needs of the body. There is a growing number of heart failure patients each year. â€Å"More than 300,000 deaths per year are attributed to heart failure, and the annual cost to manage these patients is close to $40 billion† (Mancini Colombo, 201 5, p. 2542). Since the heart failure population is steadily growingRead MoreCongestive Heart Failure And Failure1389 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Congestive heart failure (CHF), also called chronic heart failure or congestive cardiac failure (CCF) is a clinical condition where heart muscle is weakened and cannot pump the blood as well as the normal heart. The ventricle, also known as main pumping chamber of the heart become larger or thicker which leads to inability to contract or relax as it should. â€Å"There is no universally agreed definition of heart failure (Denolin et al., 1983). It is the consequence of cardiac disease, diagnosisRead MoreFailure Of Congestive Heart Failure2459 Words   |  10 Pagesincreasing frequently (Drug Store News, 1997). Congestive heart failure tends to be more common in the elderly, men, and also African Americans. Congestive heart failure has become the most common cause for current hospital admissions. Among causing prolonged hospital stays congestive heart failure has a very high mortality rate, which has declined since recent medical advancements. So what is congestive heart failure? A simple definition is the heart s inability to pump blood to the rest of the bodyRead MoreFailure And Treatment Of Heart Failure2085 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract: Heart failure affects over 5 million people and carries a high rate of mortality. Ivabradine, a new agent has been added to the current medical options for managing heart failure. It is a selective inhibitor of sino-atrial node and slows its firing rate, prolonging diastolic depolarization without any negative inotropic effects. In 2006, BEAUTIFUL trial evaluated patients with stable coronary artery disease and heart failure and found a significant reduction of coronary events, coronaryRead MoreThe Failure Of Congestive Heart Failure1090 Words   |  5 PagesCongestive heart failure is a chronic condition that is responsible for the highest number of hospitalizations among adults. Readmission rates after hospitalization also remain high, with 50% of patients being readmitted within 6 months of discharge. (Desai Stevenson, 2012). The Affordable Care Act penalizes hospitals with readmissions within 30 days after discharge, making readmissions a focus of hospitals nationwide. Several factors including discharge planning, patient education, diet restrictions

Potential Market Segmentation Free Essays

Since the raw materials are very much available in our country, I have decided to give the product an indigenous image. Sandwood is a kind of talcum powder that provides the consumers with processed sandal mixed talcum powder in bottles. For the marketing purpose of the product I have decided to launch three product lines. We will write a custom essay sample on Potential Market Segmentation or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Sandwood would be launched in the market at 150 gms. 100 gms. and 50 gms bottle. I have set a reasonable price for the product so that all kinds of people can afford to buy this talcum powder. I have targeted a huge market segment for the product. Bangladesh s a large populated country. Lots of people are looking for such a product. Sandal mixed Talcum Powder are not available all the time. My target market includes health conscious people, women, children many other consumers, which I have segmented from the Demographical, Geographical, Psychographical Behavioral point of view. Product Potrayal: I am a Brand managers of a consumer product in a domestic company. The top management asked me to choose a product to segment the potential market and we choose Talcum Powder. The description of the product is given below. Product: Talcum Powder Brand Name: Sandwood Plastic Bottle Container: Size: Price: 1 50 Grams Taka 100. Product Features: It’s Total skin comfort. Feel better than regular talcum powder. Keep the body fresh for a long time. It has a classic scent. Product Ingredients: Natural sandal, Talc, hydrated magnesium silicate, Scent We choose this very product because normally there are much talcum powder produced for women and many of them have been produced for both male and female but there are very few company that produce women talcum powder and most of them are produced outside Bangladesh. How to cite Potential Market Segmentation, Papers

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The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue Midnight free essay sample

The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue: Midnight The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue: Midnight by Longboats Hughes are two poems written as scenes of urban life. Although these poems were written more than seventy years ago, It Is surprising to see some general similarities they share with modern day city life. Deleted down with word play and Irrelevant lines such as And the gods are laughing at us. , the underlying theme Is evidently urban life. The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue: Midnight approach the general topic of urban life from two different aspects also.The Weary Blues speaks of a person hearing a Negro playing the blues on a piano Down on Lenox Avenue the other night,. The poem is centered around this event, explaining He did a lazy seaways did a lazy sways It seems that Hughes was addressing the common link of Negroes, urban life, and the blues music seventy years ago; quite a different approach than his other work. We will write a custom essay sample on The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue: Midnight or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Lenox Avenue: Midnight, my personal favorite of the two, is more of an outlook on urban life back then, stating that The Rhythm of life/ Is a Jazzy rhythm,.There Is an uneasy connection between urban life Itself and the blues music that was so common during that time In that urban life Itself Is nothing but the blues and that the gods are laughing at us. Lenox Avenue: Midnight Is a more meaningful poem, reaching out to anyone that could relate. In a way it relates to modern day hip-hop in the sense of reaching out to the common people of that culture and time. The Weary Blues on the other hand is more of an observation thing going on in the poem, observing the Negro man laying the blues on his piano.The poems indirectly relate to modern day city life. Instead of the blues, hip-hop has taken its place. For instance, The Weary Blues speaks off Negro man playing the blues over a piano. Nowadays in city life youd instead find an inner city youth of any race freestyles or rapping to a more hip-hop groove. Considering history only repeats Itself, and that every culture progresses off the prior one, these two poems show how city life Is city life, experiencing Its own modern day blues through progression of the last.

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pattern of organization Essays

pattern of organization Essays pattern of organization Essay pattern of organization Essay Patterns of Organization Separating supporting points from main ideas is an important reading skill. The organization of the supporting details will help you understand how an author thinks. Detecting the patterns of organization of the major and minor details can help with comprehension and retention. The main idea The thesis or main idea is usually a good predictor of the organization of an essay or paragraph. Main Idea Text Topic sentence Paragraph Thesis Essay Theme Story or Novel Patterns of organization Time Order List of Items Comparison and/or Contrast Cause and Effect Definition and Example Classification Order of Importance Problem Solution Process Mixed Patterns Signal Words Signal words, also known as transitions, are words which indicate the relationship between ideas, and the organization of the details. Also known and chronological order, steps and stages, narration or sequence of events, in this pattern, ideas are presented in the order in which they occurred in time. Questions Answered: When did it happen? In what order did it happen? When Used: Commonly used in anthropology, history, art history and political science. It answers the questions relating to time. Thesis Example: Between now and the election, the candidate will make a umber of campaign stops throughout the U. S. Time order signal words first, third ; next; then; finally; eventually; following this I ne ramous Leaning lower 0T Pisa nas Deen tlltlng Tor over years, ana recent improvements should allow it to continue tilting for another 300 more. On August 9, 1173, construction began on this well known Italian 1173 bell tower. Almost immediately, it began leaning because it was being immediately erected on the soft silt of a buried riverbed. Between 1178 and 1360, work 1360 stopped and started two more times as workers tried to continue the project and gure out how to compensate for the tilt. Over the next six centuries, the centuries towers lean continued to increase, although tourists were still allowed to visit. Then, in 1990, Italys prime minister feared the tower would collapse 1990 and closed it to the public. From 1999 to 2001, engineers excavated soil 2001 from beneath the tower. Now, the tower still leans out about 15 feet beyond Now its base, but it should remain stable for several more centuries. Covington, Richard (2001) Smithsonian. The Leaning Tower Straightens Up, p41-47 Also known as listing, series, addition and enumeration, the information isted may be items, facts, reasons, examples, features or characteristics. What examples support the main idea? What proof is there? Commonly used in history, art history, the social sciences and political science. It answers the questions regarding the appropriate proof, back-up or support. Managers experience a number of different personnel problems that must be solved before a department can work effectively. List of items signal words And, too, in addition, moreover, or, also, furthermore, as well as, plus, in fact, moreover, besides Many modern people are turning themselves into social victims. One example is a Tennessee woman who is suing McDonalds because she was badly burned on the chin by a hot pickle in her namourger. A cana01an woman Is anotner example. example She wants to ban the South Park television show because her son Kenny is victimized by the shows Kenny character, who is killed in each episode. A third example is a group of European and Australian women who want to ban urinals in mens restrooms because the require men to stand in a way that suggests violence toward women. Another group argues that single people are victimized because society ignores them. Leo, John. (2000) U. S. News and World Report. Victims of the Year, p24 Comparison and/or Contrast The material is organized to emphasize the similarities and/or differences between two or more items or topics . Readings answer the questions: How are two items similar? How are two items different? When Used: All Disciplines The items being considered usually fit into the same general category. Gangs and fraternities share many characteristics, but are quite different. comparison means what things have in common how items or concepts are alike the similarities between elements or ideas contrast means the differences between items or oncepts how things are not alike distinctions between elements Comparison and contrast sign al words Similarly, like, the same as, compared to, in the same way, likewise but, yet, on the other hand, however, instead, nevertheless, on the contrary My two children are so different that it surprises me every day. For one thing, my older child is a girl, and my younger child is a boy. My daughter loves reading, going to the movies, and writing in her Journal. My son, on the other hand, loves running, Jumping, and swimming- hand anything that requires using energy. My daughter loves all ifferent kinds of foods, but my son likes to eat only pizza. And while my son cant go a day without watching some kind of sporting event on television, my daughter will only watch a baseball game if nothing else is on. Adapted from O Magazine, (2001) Set Yourself Free, p37. This pattern describes or discusses an event or action that is caused by another event or action. On occasion, this pattern is also referred to as result. Why did something happen? What were the results of a particular event? Thesis Example: Research has shown that birth defects have various causes. Cause and effect signal words Decause, Tor tnls reason, Oue to, cause, on account of, if this, then this as a result, since, consequently, therefore, thus, in effect, resulting, and the outcome is There are four possible causeeffect relationships: single cause single effect single cause multiple effects multiple causes single effect multiple causes multiple effects Smoking is the single most preventable risk factor for fatal illnesses in the United States. Indeed, cigarette smoking accounts for more deaths than all other drugs, car accidents, suicides, homicides, and fires combined. Further, nonsmokers who inhale moke from other peoples cigarettes face an elevated risk for lung cancer and other illnesses related to the lungs, a fact that has given rise to a nonsmokers rights movement in the United States. Bernstein, et al. (1999) Psychology, p473 Definition and Example This pattern is found primarily in textbooks; a word or concept is introduced then explained or described. An example of its usage then follows. The pattern is very close to illustration or description. Readings answer the question: What it? All Disciplines Terms are often in boldface print with the definit ion in the body of the text, in the margin, and in a lossary at tne ena 0T tne text Thesis Example: Ragtime music is a style that developed at the turn of the twentieth century. Played primarily by piano, the Rocking Horse Rag is an excellent short sample of ragtime. Definition and example define as, is, known, the term means, is stated as, is used to mean for example, to illustrate, for instance, such as, specifically i. e. , e. g. A definition and example has three components: key term (often boldfaced, underlined or in italics) definition Acrophobia is an intense, unreasonable fear of high places. People with acrophobia exhibit emotional places nd physical symptoms in response to being at great heights. For instance, one sufferer of extreme instance acrophobia, Andrea Copeland, is unable to go above the third floor of any building without feeling enormous anxiety. Her acrophobia began one evening when she was working alone in her office on the eighth floor of a large building. Suddenly she was struck with terror. She gathered her things and left the building, Yet, she still has no rational explanation for her fear, which is also typical of this type of phobia. I nls pattern Is also wlaely usea textbooks; classification, also known as division or categorization, ivides a topic into parts that are based on shared or common characteristics. How do the parts work with the whole? Ex: What part does an editor play in the publication of a magazine? Thesis Examples: There are many people involved in the publishing ofa magazine. Classification signal words Categories, classifications, groups, classes, ways, elements, features, kinds, types, varieties, methods The Ordovician 505 to 440 Million Years Ago The Ordovician period began approximately 510 million years ago, with the end of the Cambrian, and ended around 445 million years ago, with the beginning of the Silurian. The Ordovician is classified into three parts: late, middle, and early. There are two groups in each part. In the late part, Ashgillian and Caradocian. In the middle part there are the Llandeilian and Llanvirnian. The early part is made of the Arenigian and Tremadocian groups. Classification is often accompanied by a graphic or visual aid to nelp clarlTy tn categories. The chart at right shows the major subdivisions of the Ordovician Period. Order of Importance In this pattern the information is given either from the least important feature to the most important, or from the most important important to the least important. This attern is also known as hierarchical or chain of command. Which point is the most/least important? Which element is crucial? When Used: The sciences, particularly in laboratory texts and experiments. Thesis Example: While the most basic need is physiological, workers aspire to self-actualization as their most valued need. Order of importance central, principal, chief, major, main, key, primary, significant finally, lastly, finishing with, ending with, least Almost everyone in the United States files a tax ret urn. There are several things that should be done during the year, beginning with the most basic and fundamental; eep copies of the tax return, W-2 fundamental statement and 1099 forms. It is also wise to keep seven years worth of documentation in files, Just in case there is an audit. Keep and compare figures on tax return to the Social Security statement. Also, retain a record of yearly medical expenses. But all of this is dependent of one crucial act. It is supremely important to Keep all permanent records storeo In an ImpregnaDle place, sucn strongbox. Problem and Solution The text presents a significant problem and explains it in detail. Then, a possible solution is proposed. Sometimes, only the problem is resented because there is no solution. What is the problem? What is a possible solution? When Used: Often in essays and editorials The items being considered usually fit into the same general category. Thesis example: Since pollution has a detrimental impact on modern living standards, a key solution is increased recycling of waste products. Problem and Solution signal words problem, need, difficulty, dilemma, enigma, challenge, issue answer, propose, sugges t, indicate, solve, resolve, improve, plan, respond to a need The growth of urban areas exacerbated many problems, problems as a TlreprooT ncluding the absence of clean drinking water, the lack of cheap public transportation, and most importantly, poor sanitation. Sanitation problems led to heavy urban mortality rates and frequent epidemics of typhoid, dysentery, typhus, cholera, and yellow fever. Government officials, recognizing the need for improvement, initiated the return to suburban and rural areas. The proposal involved several cost effective solutions. Local solutions village water delivery systems were improved, and as villages were substantially smaller, almost everything was in walking distance, thereby eliminating the need for public transportation.

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6,399,322 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement [PODCAST]

6,399,322 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement [PODCAST] Have you had the frustrating experience of sending out social media posts only to receive no engagement whatsoever? Most marketers have had this happen, and some have it happen frequently. Today we’re going to be talking to ’s own Nathan Ellering. He’s the head of demand generation here at , and he has conducted a study that allows him to predict how well a particular post will do on any social media platform. Do you want to increase your social media engagement? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s show. Some of the highlights of this episode include: The scoop on and what it is Nathan does here as the head of demand generation. Nathan also shares how big the demand generation team is. Why Nathan took on his research project on which social media posts tend to do well on which platforms and how he evaluated different standards of performance. How the demand generation team uses data to do what works, over and over again. How Nathan went from having massive pile of data to putting it all into motion to work for . Why marketers should focus on content before mechanics. Hints on where to get the inspiration needed to create great content. Nathan explains methods such as PAS (problem-agitate-solve), bridge after bridge, AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action), and the 4 Cs (clear, concise, compelling, credibility). How to use closed-ended questions, controversy, anecdotes, and quotes on social media for maximum engagement. Specific strategies for finding success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Nathan’s very best advice on leveling up your social media skills.

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International Monetary Economy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

International Monetary Economy - Assignment Example PPP and the exchange rate are almost similar, 1 and 1.33. This shows that the value of the Canadian is almost equal to the American dollar. This shows that the Canadian consumers and the American consumers have an equal PPP with their respective currencies. The exchange rate will be stable. PPP= Price in Denmark/Price in U.S=8.08. Comparing the PPP and the exchange rate between Denmark and America is 5.82. The value of the Canadian dollar is undervalued. The Canadian consumers have a loss of the PPP relative to the American consumers. The exchange rate will increase. iTunes price in U.S is 0.99 compared to the price in Euro of 0.99. The PPP between the two countries is 1. The exchange rate between U.S and Euro is $1=0.78 pounds. The value of Euro pound is almost equal with value of the American pound. The Euro and American consumers have almost equal PPP with their respective currencies. The exchange rate between the two countries will be constant (Tanzi and Gupta 145). iTunes price in U.S is 0.99 compared to the price in Japan’s 200 Yen. The PPP between the two nations is 202. The exchange rate of the Japanese Yen compared to the American dollar of 112. There is a loss of PPP of the Japanese consumers relative to the U.S consumers. The exchange rate will increase. iTune price in U.S is 0.99 compared to the price of the iTunes in Sweden of SKr is 9. The PPP of the two countries is 9.10. The PPP of the two countries is almost similar, but not exact. The Sweden consumers and the American consumer have an equal PPP with their respective currencies. However, the exchange will increase between the two countries. iTunes price in U.S is 0.99 compared to the price of the iTune prices in Switzerland SKr is 1.50. The PPP of the two countries is 1.52. The PPP of the two countries is almost similar, but not equal. The exchange rate of the two countries will remain as1.21 or slightly high. iTunes